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Sydney : The City of Adventure and Beaches
Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and famous harbor city of Australia. One of the most populous and well known of Australian cities is located on south east coast on Tasman Sea. Sydney is perfect blend of culture, adventure, sport and fun. From Sydney you can drive through pure white beaches of Jervis Bay to reach Melbourne, or enjoy the scenic beauty and nature which driving on the Pacific Coast Touring Route. Tourist Attraction and Sight Seeing Sydney Opera House is most popular tourist  [...]

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Sydney Harbour National Park
Sydney Harbour National Park is a national park comprising parts of Sydney Harbour, its foreshores and various islands.  The National Park is located within the Sydney Metropolitan and was created in a piecemeal fashion during the 20th century.  The park is made up of several separate areas distributed around Sydney Harbour and some of them are Bradleys Head, Clark Island, Dobroys head, Nielsen Park, Shark Island.  Much of the harbour’s foreshores had been spoiled by residential development,  [...]

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Hamilton islands in Australia
  Hamilton islands, the Australian island which is blessed by Mother Nature is located at the edge of dramatic Great Barrier reef, the island offers you complete pack of tranquillity as the pace of life here is delightfully languid here- there are kilometres of pristine beaches, azure waters, inspiring corals, and finding an isolated stretch of beach to relax and rejuvenate is very easy. The fauna and flora of the nature will mesmerize you and take you on an exploration trip around the island,  [...]

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Charlotte Pass Ski Resort
Charlotte Pass Ski Resort a resort located in the laps of snowy mountains in New South Wales is connected by rail, bus or by air only in the months of summer. But in winter only by over snow transport and is fast gaining a reputation for being the best ski resorts and it is a Mecca for snow skiing enthusiasts who visit this resort to indulge in varied skiing sports and competitions. The resort is a well planned cosy abode for all ski lovers, entrenched in the snowy mountains and is designed to offer  [...]

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Highlights of The Mettam Beach in Perth
All Australian beaches may seem the same initially, but Mettam Beach in Perth, just a short distance from the city centre is definitely unique in the sense that it is complete beach destination for families, elderly people, kids handicapped people and absolutely safe as it is natural rock pool surrounded by the reef and is designed as a cove which protects people from gusty winds and lashing waves. Mettam Beach is a paradise for snorkelling and one can explore the colourful and magnetic marine life  [...]

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