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Airlie Beach – Drive In The Memory Lane

Wed, Dec 23, 2009

Australian Beaches

With our rucksacks on our backs, and memories that now we are grads, we all headed to Airlie beach. We all here means the class of summer 69 (add more years to it; we were grads of year 2009.)

It was me, my dear Jack, Adam and my best friend Ginny. After all it was time to celebrate we are now grads! (It’s a feat that we all achieved and couldn’t believe till we got at our graduation day!)

As I was saying (my name is Rose), Airlie Beach is a small town in the Whitsunday region in the Queensland Australia. We had heard so much about it from our fellow students and backpackers that it is a heaven for backpackers and we had saved enough to have the best vacations there. Taking the flight of Virgin blue we reached Proserpine (Whitsunday Airport). We got ourselves into a nice hostel for the stay.

Airlie Beach

Will you believe one thing that I wanted to say this all time; it was like a first unofficial honeymoon for us (me and jack).

Sorry will get back to the Airlie Beach, basically Airlie beach is small town, which is launching point for the trips out in Whitsunday Islands, which is on the off the coast of Queensland.

On the very first day, we kissed, oops we went sailing. There was no doubt about it that we could have missed this. Oh it was so wonderful experience! We made the arrangements to go sailing to the Whitsunday Islands. It is said that the port here is one of the busiest ones in Australia. There was wide range of boats and tours to choose from. But we just wanted to go for a day only and not on sailing excursion we choose a boat that we privately chartered, it was a thrilling experience of high speed sailing boat, with sleek lines; the deck was spacious and speeding up to 30 knots. It was late in evening that we returned. Though we went only for some hours, but it was real fun and we promised ourselves to go back sailing again.

Whitsunday Islands

We took the pleasure of camel ride; hey it’s the only place where camel ride is allowed. On the ship of the desert, we were having immense fun, as it was walking on to the beach. The way our body rocked, on the ride we were all giggling and laughing. Oh what fun it was! I still remember the feel of sitting on camel with Jack.

As we were damn hungry we hit on the ‘Eat Street’ of Airlie Beach, it’s the Esplanade in Airlie Beach which has the many restaurants, bars and cafes. As the ocean breeze was blowing, it felt so awesome to snuggle into the arms of jack, as the night was coming up and we had an early day planned, we walked to out hostel hand in hand.

With some early breakfast and packing of our picnic basket we went to visit Cedar Creek Falls. As we had already bought the map and it marked us to follow Conway road which takes us out of Airlie Beach to stunning Cedar Creek Falls, where there is an astonishing waterfall and a natural water pool, which was perfect for us for swimming. It was a perfect romantic place and we were glad to plan a picnic here. As we cooled off in turquoise water of the pool and relaxed on the stones, it was so remarkable time we had.  I think we all four loved that place. Such a beautiful place and we felt so close to the nature, and it got us closer too. On those big boulders, we rested in calm and tranquil earth. As we were sitting all close by, marveling its beauty, it was the most pleasant time we had. The falls had amazing impact on us.

cedar creek falls

On Saturday we planned to go to its famous market, first and then move on to lagoons. We picked up fresh tropical fruits, and as we went doing bargaining deals with local dealers who were selling local’s products of arts and crafts, Jack bought me a nice neck piece, which looked good on the bikini I was wearing. I still have it in my closet! I bought a nice beach hat for jack and Ginny bought herself local piece of art to keep it as memorabilia of the trip.

And we moved to the Airlie Beach lagoon. As we were already informed that the sea is inhabited by marine stingers (some form of jellyfish), so to provide a place somewhere, where the hoards of visiting tourists could swim, the local council, has built a swimming lagoon on the foreshore, overlooking the ocean, which is stinger free. Spreading our beach towels, we relaxed and soaked up the yellow shinning ball in the sky. The lagoon has free entry, and it was full of backpackers and families having picnic or simply relaxing. I did spend time reading (they were scowling at me for this), such fine weather it was. With others even I took dip in self chlorinated water, and enjoyed the day so much. We made some friends there and had Barbeque of hamburger and steaks. By the time we left my skin was nicely tan and I liked the day. We also went for some hiking on some trail and the view was so stunning and superb. Though the walk was not easy, as jack had to pick me up for a while (I was acting I was tired, ok I was tired!). We headed back to Esplanade. We met all those friends we made in morning at the bar that night, where a local party was there, we all had beers and danced till late night.

With these new friends we had decided to go sailing excursion the next day. We met at early twilight to get started. We all were looking forward for the adventure and as we were joined by so many new friends, it was so much fun and truly we just enjoyed only. All we did was fun. None of us wanted to sail the boat themselves so we hired the luxury catamaran from sailing tour and he took us on the voyage of sailing around the Whitsunday’s. It was a multi-night sailing trip, with some three day excursions. I just loved the night sailing, so romantic it was to sail in the moon light and some tiny specks of stars. Like the Rose in Titanic, I felt the strong current of love from my jack, and we stood near the railing of the catamaran, and as we kissed oh what a blissful experience it was. I loved basking on in the sun. As people were moving around in bikinis and beach wear, we reached to Whitehaven Beach. it was such a spectacular beach, that my words here wont be able to express its astonishing beach with fine powdery soft sand, its crystal clear pristine water with a backdrop of green hills almost took my breath away. Cant really tell how much I really loved this place, just wanted to be here for whole my life. it was all beauty, peaceful, exquisite beach. We did camp there in tents we had got, and what a night we had there. Though in morning we were reluctant to go ahead with the planned trip. Hence we moved. We reached the Reefworld. We had sailed form the Airlie’s Shute Harbor, cruised to Hardy Reef. Reefworld is a floating pintoon which is on the edge of Hardy Reef. It was such a beautiful reef, that I had ever seen, it was my first chance to see those coral formations and we were surrounded by tons of fishes. Oh how much I loved it. All of us enjoyed snorkeling and scuba diving there. It was so much fun, watching down the marine life, as I tried touching the fish and how they swam away. When I offered them a loaf of bread, how they came to eat, I was scared initially but Jack made me do that. It was sad to go back, but it was beautiful memories of this voyage.

cruised to Hardy Reef

Next day we just decided to chill out and relax at lagoon again, we met with those friends again and were planning future trips we all decided to go Kayaking. The adventure spirit had not been dimmed, rather we wanted more and it led us to Salty Dog Sea Kayaking. We had thrilling experience, as we went kayaking in the boat. We couples had a race, though we didn’t win, yet it was so much fun. a nice exercise though. We explored the islands and went snorkeling at The Great Barrier Reef and paddled in water and made it back by the night time.

It was time to go back, the same way we came, we bade good bye to all new found friends and promised to keep in touch. It was all fun time for us and Airlie Beach is just colorful and vibrant atmosphere with best things to offer for young blood like us. Such a memorable time it was.

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