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Heron Island — Naturalist Paradise

Wed, Oct 6, 2010

Australian Islands

The coral cay that is Heron Island, sits next to the Tropic of Capricorn in the Southern portion of the Great Barrier Reef. The island is about 540 kilo meters from Brisbane, capital of Queensland, and at a distance of 72 kilo meters Gladstone is the nearest big city. The wind sheltered western side of the Heron Reef is where Heron Island is located, and the Heron reef boasts of a cornucopia of marine wealth, close to 900 species of fish of the 1, 500, as well as 72 per cent of the varieties of coral found on the Great barrier Reef.

Heron Island

The minuscule island measures only about  40 acres ( 16 h a ), and is only about 2, 600 feet ( 800 meters ) long and close to 980 feet ( 300 meters ) at its widest point. The point at which the island is highest, is only 12 feet ( 3. 6 meters ) above sea level near the western edge.

A nature lover’s paradise, Heron Island has a lot to offer in the way of remarkable flora and fauna. A natural coral island that sits only about 90 kilo meters from mainland Australia from the Queensland coast, Heron Island sits on the Great Barrier Reef. The wonders that constitute the Great Barrier Reef, which in itself is a natural wonder, are just at your doorstep when in Heron Island. A multitude of vibrantly colored fish as well as a plethora of exotic marine flora can be found just a stone throw away.

Heron island Great Barrier Reef

The azure waters that surround the island are crystal clear and you can see very deep into them, and what sights await your eyes. Coral gardens, that are astoundingly beautiful, as well as millions of marine creatures small and big alike who make a play of colors every time they pass your eyes. An oasis for divers and snorkelers, Heron Island is the perfect location to head to for some rewarding underwater dives. The island is not populated by tourists and day trippers like other locations in the Great Barrier Reef, but is a tranquil location that in unparalleled in serene beauty.

Heron Island snorkeling

Marine wealth is only a partial picture of the flora and fauna that awaits you at Heron Island; there are numerous Green turtles that can be found here that have nesting sites on the beaches. The avian species that are to be found here are also some of the most diverse, all shapes, sizes, colors and kinds, a feast for the birdwatchers eye. Heron Island is located in a World Heritage site, and there is a marine research center here that is one of the best in Australia. The reef as well as the surrounds is immaculate and pristine, and there are a lot of steps that the Australian Government has taken to ensure that the wildlife as well as the environment stays protected.

Green turtles

Heron Island is a nature lover’s oasis.

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