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Kahurangi National Park: Experience everything at one place

Thu, Apr 22, 2010

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Located in New Zealand, the Kahurangi National Park is the second largest park in the country and is also among the largest national parks. The Kahurangi National Park covers 450,000 hectares of area and boasts amazing ecological amazement with over 100 birds species, 50 percent of all plant species in New Zealand, 80 percent of the country’s alpine plant species, a karst landscape, and the biggest known cave system located in the southern hemisphere.

With so many attractions at one site, the Kahurangi National Park has plenty to offer every interest group who throngs to explore the area and spend a memorable time. Well, the caves can only be visited if you are experienced just for the safety measures. The local caving groups who are experienced in this normally explore the caves. With the spectacular natural beauty all around, the park offers pleasant and charming breeze that makes you enthralled. The park was created in the year 1996 and the meaning of its name is treasured possession. The name has been given due to its unique and wonderful diverse natural and recreational values.

Kahurangi National Park
The park was formed from the Northwest Nelson Forest Park and is regarded as the boundary between the Tasman Regions and the West Coast. This park is been administered by the Department of Conservation. Tourists, who visit this region, enjoy to their fullest by rafting, tramping, and caving, which are the popular activities. Well, the park is also famous and permits to try the mountain biking on the Heaphy Track. With its beautiful landscape, you can also experience the wild life and get fascinated. You can enjoy walking at the track that covers some 78 kilometres of subtropical rainforest, river valley, tussock high country, and coast.

Kahurangi National Park tramping
Every year, over 4,000 walkers follow this route towards the pounamu that is the greenstone resources of the west coast. The complex landforms of this park draw many fossil hunters, cavers, and those who are fascinate of geology. The landscape of the park gets an exceptional character due to the mix of surface, arches, fluted rock, sinkholes, disappearing and reappearing streams, and shafts. To explore the breathtaking marble mountains, visit Mount Owen and mount Arthur. Water within the mountains play a major role that further forms extensive cave systems.

While exploring the park, you will feel lucky to see the bellbirds, friendly South Island Robins, and tui. The park houses total eighteen species of native birds. You will also be amazed by experiencing the giant snails like carnivorous. While going for caving, you can also experience the Kahurangi Cave Spider, which is among the rarest in the world and has leg span of up to twelve centimetres. Some of the gateway towns of the park include Takaka, Motueka, Karamea, and Murchison.

At the town’s, you can make your accommodation to stay and rest. Otherwise, the park also offers accommodation in the park. Inside the park, the Department of Conservation offers huts to many hikers. Head to the Heaphy Track that serves four Great Walk huts. Those hikers, who follow the Wangapeka Track could get seven huts along the way. You can also camp at the site. Well, you should gain lots of energy before you start your trip, as the magnificent Heaphy Track will take 3 to 5 days of walking experience. The walk will lead through forest, across tussock-covered downs, and along beaches edging with nikau palms.

Heaphy Track

If you want to experience some of the finest caves in the country, then visit Mount Owen that still has some unexplored passages. A vacation at the Kahurangi National Park will be simply breathtaking and is filled with thrilling experiences that will remain memorable forever.

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