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Lady Musgrave Island: Going Bonkers Over It

Sat, Dec 11, 2010

Australian Islands

Lady Musgrave Island features the largest coral lagoon that is navigable along the Great Barrier Reef. Thousands of visitors have chosen Lady Musgrave Island as their source of adventure along the Great Barrier Reef. The crystal-clear waters of the island are ideal for scuba diving and boat rides featuring glass bottoms. The calm waters make snorkeling fun. There is a plethora of dive sites for both the amateur and professional diver. Fishing is another pleasure-filled activity. The wilderness is raw and begs to be explored.

Lady Musgrave Island is the second coral island situated on The Great Barrier Reef. Nearly one-thirds of the reef comprises a lagoon. It stretches over a circumference of eight kilometers. Several yachts are anchored here.

Splendid coral and white-sand lagoons surround the cay. The region is adorned by a rainforest of Pisonia Grandis. The shore comprises She-Oak and Pandanus. Wilderness is the hallmark of Lady Musgrave Island. The composting toilets and radio tower are the only developments that scar the virgin coral cay. The island lacks fresh water. Despite this, thousands of species of birds thrive here. The island is also home to numerous plant species growing on sandy soils. The magnificent lagoon that surrounds the cay is replete with umpteen species of wildlife, including manta rays, dolphins, giant sea turtles, and tropical fish.

There is endless variety of coral shapes. The coral bay offers wonderful opportunities for snorkeling. This region is highlighted with buoys. Only those experienced in snorkeling should attempt to explore the outer edge of the reef. To complete the unique experience, arm yourself with sunscreen, appropriate clothing, traditional sandshoes, and a first-aid kit. Marine Parks offer sea phones.

Experience the rich diversity of the underwater sea life by snorkeling and diving. Many facets of the cay are revealed by strolling through the island. In order to spot the birds, you need to be quiet and patient. The eastern reef egret and buff-banded rail throng the region in vast numbers. They roost and nest in the abundance of trees.

Lady Musgrave Island lies to the south of Tropic of Capricorn. This makes the climate mild for the majority of the year. During the summer, the temperature in the water touches 27 degree Celsius. Day temperatures are in the low 30s. During winter, the water temperature dips to 20 degree Celsius. Of all the months, February is the wettest. The month of August sees the least rainfall.

Turtle breeding takes place in spring and summer.

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